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Below are selected testimonials about our programs, workshops, events, and work environment:

Community Safety Audits:

"The team at WISE gives our clients and our organization immense support. The collective knowledge and experience within their team are evident in the results that they produce. WISE’s community-driven initiatives are current, responsive, and thorough. They work on issues that matter to women and girls in Ottawa with regards to crime prevention and safety. Our work with WISE has aimed to increase safety and mobility in neighborhoods through Safety Audits that WISE has mastered by seeing safety and use of public space through a gendered lens. WISE staff are a pleasure to work with." - Robynn

Personal Safety Workshops:

"The workshop provided by Elsy through WISE is always well received by the clients in the Woman's Support Group. The clients are very engaged in the self-defense portion of the presentation feeling quite empowered by the strategies learned as well as having fun while doing it. The women also find the information provided quite informative and enjoy the various ways the information is presented i.e. visuals drawn, examples provided, the booklet provided and the information that Elsy provided which is clear and concise. Some of the topics are covered in the WSG such as boundaries and assertive communication that is provided which validates what they have learned yet provides another view or way of presenting the information." - Angelika

"A very good and very informational presentation. Could also be taught to teenagers because often times we come into contact with fathers or are being followed but do not know what to do. So this workshop would be very helpful for them." - Irene

Women on Wheels Workshop:

“Kathy was a fabulous teacher. This collaboration between Kathy and WISE is a single-handedly empowering women in Ottawa to approach life on a more equal footing. Suddenly, there is nothing scary, intimidating or inherently male about car care. I learned a lot, feel much more confident about my car. Every woman should take this class.... as this made me an informed consumer and gave me the know-how to properly maintain my own vehicle. Thanks, WISE." - Rupika

Work Environment

"Working with WISE has been a very enriching experience. It’s amazing what you can do when collaborating with representatives from different community agencies that strive to end gender-based violence. I am also amazed by how much WISE accomplishes with so little. Valerie and Elsie are welcoming and a genuine pleasure to work with. We hope to foster this relationship for many years to come." - Hadiya

"Working as a volunteer has been such an enriching experience. I've got the chance to participate in initiatives such as Building Women Up, which gives women tools to improve their home environment by themselves, and Heroes for Tomorrow, which sensibilize young men to violence against women. Above all, I've had the opportunity to meet two dedicated ladies who care about the wellbeing of women and their communities. Wise is such an important organization, I'm very grateful to have been a part of." -Kim

"We're all active and busy in our daily work and family, but volunteering is a wonderful way to learn, grow in a different space, build skills, and give back to the community. I valued my time on the WISE board of directors because I was able to directly bring new ideas, concepts and implement those to reality. In addition to volunteering and growing the organization with a parallel group of leaders, I got the opportunity to volunteer with the community, participate in programming and make a better environment for women and families. Build your experiences by volunteering, giving back and making connections! Get involved with WISE, learn about how a small non-profit functions, and make impactful decisions." - Arwa

"Volunteering with WISE was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. It was incredibly empowering to enact real change and to instill a sense of security in individuals and communities. I'm eternally grateful for the way the organization showed me we could change the world and I honored I could be a part of that." - Jill 

"My time at WISE started off as a school placement and turned into a volunteer position. I learned so much with WISE about safety, women’s rights, and inequality but most importantly what I can do as an individual to help and what organizations, such as WISE, are doing to help. Elsy and Valerie were great to work with and taught me a lot about how non-profit organizations run and allowed me the independence to run programs by myself and help out as much or as little as I could while I was in school. I would recommend volunteering with WISE if you are looking to learn and be involved in an important part of our community." - Nicole

"As a former WISE Chair, I am very proud to say that I have served on the Board of Directors for a total of 5 years; and in those 5 years, I have seen this 26-year old organization try new things in order to expand its portfolio and increase its funding.  For example, WISE members and guests took part in its first ever 2k run during the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend as a fundraising effort.  The venture went so well that it took part in it again the following year! Also, it grew its core programming beyond the community audits and personal safety workshops by adding projects such as Heroes of Tomorrow and Women on Wheels. WISE ensures that it truly is a catalyst to foster the creation and sustainability of safe, social and physical environments. Its programs are organized from a feminist perspective, which includes the perspective of the full diversity of women and other vulnerable people in society. WISE works very hard to accomplish its mission of working directly with individuals, diverse communities, local government, and agencies, in order to create safer physical and social environments. WISE stands on the belief that if a community is safer for women and other vulnerable groups, it will be safer for everyone!" - Marleen


Have you participated in one of our programs/events/workshops and like to leave a testimonial for us? Send us an email at info@wiseottawa.ca.