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Personal Safety Workshops

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Personal safety is an important issue to all of us and WISE is dedicated to keeping people informed. For those interested in gaining a broader knowledge on this topic, we offer customized workshops just for you or your group. WISE delivers a three to four hour interactive workshop focusing on the promotion of women’s safety in public spaces, which are specifically tailored to your group's needs. We focus on the importance of safety awareness, teach effective responses through the use of role plays and other activities, develop safety strategies and skills in areas such as at home, in the workplace, on public transportations and while using your personal vehicle.  You’ll also get an introduction to basic self-defense. Everyone receives a personal safety manual for reference - incorporating a list of women’s service organizations within the city of Ottawa.  Receive a manual in Englsih or French and check with us for additional languages or an accessible format. 

The Youth Personal Safety Workshop is adapted for more fun and appropriate interaction with a  safety-related Jeopardy game or scavenger hunt, which is perfect for youth groups.