Mission and Mandate

WISE Mandate To act as a catalyst to foster the creation and sustainability of safe social and physical environments To organize and conduct public safety audits from a feminist perspective, including the perspective of the full diversity of women and other vulnerable people in society. A safety audit includes ­attending at a site; assesseing safety issues; creating an action plan to ­address deficiencies and then follow up with stakeholders to monitor and ­encourage implementation of recommendations. We work to accomplish this mission by working with local government, communities, agencies and those seeking to create safer environments. Attached find our Values and Operating Principles WISE Mission Women's Initiatives for Safer Environments is a community based bilingual organization established in 1992. We work directly with individuals, diverse communities, local government and agencies , to create safer physical and social environments in our neighbourhoods, parks, workplaces, recreational pathways, and schools. We believe that if we make the community safer for women and other vulnerable groups, it will be safer for everyone!

Board Members Wanted for WISE

Title: Board of Directors

Working with other dedicated volunteers, a WISE Board Director, will:

  • Participate in organization governance & formulate policy direction for WISE
  • Attend Board or committee meetings/events as required approximately 6 hours per month.
  • Contribute your energy and enthusiasm for improving women's safety in Ottawa.

Assets for WISE Board membership:

Women's Events Network

WISE is an integral part of the Women’s Events network – a coalition of womens’ organizations and individuals who come together to organize 4 major campaigns each year to bring the issue of stopping violence against women is a public responsibility.  We can do it if we work together.  Check out our 4 major events: International Women’s Day Celebrations, The Clothesline project, Take Back the Night and December 6 Vigil.

OC Transpo - Share Your Concerns

WISE is concerned about women's safety as a result of the changes to the OC Transpo bus routes as of September 4 2011. Tell us how you are experiencing the OC Transpo optimization?   Has it had an impact on your safety? Tell WISE what your concerns are by filling out this lnk webform on womens’ safety and OC Transpo changes.